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Personalized Insurance

RV and Boat Insurance

RV insurance coverage and boat insurance protects your expensive investments. There are many levels of coverage and options to suit your budget and needs. Protect your investment. 

Classic Car

Your classic car has come a long way and for your own peace of mind give us a call for a free quote. Classic car insurance options are varied and affordable. 

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a pretty amazing policy. Get additional coverage beyond your other policies. Also get protected from lawsuits. Find out how Umbrella insurance does this in the explanation below.

Low Speed Vehicle

Golf Carts and other low speed vehicles need a special type of coverage. So when you make sure it has tags and working seat belts, call us to get insured. 


Homeowners and renters policies usually limit the amount of allowable claims to under $2000. Nothing can replace the sentimental value, but we can cover the monetary value of your fine jewelry with Jewelry Insurance. 

Collectibles Insurance

Your treasure may be worth a treasure. Get it covered, we will show you how and we'll get you the best rates. Collectible insurance covers breakages and other damage not covered by regular homeowners policies. 

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Our Services

Our licensed professionals provide personalized attention. This enables you to make better decisions, which results in better coverage and savings.

Why Work With Us

We do all the leg work and find the absolute best fit for your needs. We get you the best prices because we know the insurance industry and have established contacts.

Our Philosophy

To provide the best customized insurance service, we first get to know you and your needs by taking a personal approach every time. This is what sets us apart and gets you the best insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does boat insurance cover damage to my boat if it is not in the water?

Damage to the boat while out of the water, often during towing, is covered in a variety of ways depending on the policies you have. Some boat insurance policies that are very basic will only cover the boat while it is in the water. Other boat insurance policies will cover it in and out of the water. Even for the simpler policies, towing damage is often covered by the car policy. Damage done to the boat at home may be covered, but usually only up to a small amount.

What is the first step to getting Collectibles Insurance?

The first thing to consider about Collectibles insurance is the value of the collection. Have it appraised, take pictures. The insurance itself is very affordable. 

How can Umbrella Insurance protect me from Lawsuits?

Lawsuits usually happen after an accident, even after your insurance company pays tens of thousands to the hurt party. They happen anyway. If you have an Umbrella Insurance policy you are protected from needing to pay the excess amount that is awarded to the person if they win the lawsuit. If you don't have this policy you can lose your car, your house, your checking, retirement, savings... you get the point. Umbrella coverage is a very important insurance to consider. Hall Insurance can explain it to you and give you many options.

Should I get vacation property insurance?

Vacation rental insurance, while you are away from home, is a great idea. Your things and any damage caused to the short term rental property is your financial responsibility. We help out of state vacationers! 

Does my car insurance cover my Golf Cart?

No, it does not fully cover you. Golf Carts are not "cars". There is special insurance for Low Speed Vehicles. We have several choices when shopping for LSV insurance. 

What Other Are Saying

I have multiple policies with Hall Insurance, auto, home, business, and I've never received anything short of expert advice and prompt service as well as very competitive prices. Everyone in the office is very kind yet professional. Generally, every time that I have dealings with them I feel like I'm being treated exactly like they would treat family. I highly recommend switching to Hall Insurance.

Michael Thomas

I think this is the best Ins. agency that anyone could ask for. I have had a rewarding experience that has saved the family much time and money. Pick the phone up and CALL HALL FOR ALL your insurance needs.

David Richardson