Car Insurance

Car insurance is one of the earliest important individual policies in our adult lives. As we get older, finding the best and the most competitively priced coverage options does not get easier - unless you are an Insurance Broker! We know the jargon, we know the market. We know the latest laws.

Because we are Florida Independent Insurance Agents, we find the very best fit for you year after year. Your car insurance coverage will be exactly what you need and as life changes for you, we'll find you new better fitting options. 

Start with us for car insurance, we'll be here for your business one and your renters, then your homeowners, too. We'll make sure you get the best price whether it is in combinations with other insurance policies you hold or by itself. We build relationships, you get the most coverage for your money.  

We cover cars, motorcycles, and low speed vehicles such as golf carts.

We also have RV and classic car insurance!

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